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Production Checklist (To check before going live)
Production Checklist (To check before going live)
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Before going into live production, we highly recommend reaching out to us a few weeks before your launch date.

Doing so means there is enough time for us to assess your project needs, and ensure you and have the right plan for a smooth and successful launch.

We encourage going through this checklist before going live with your dapp or project:

  • Ensure you're familiar with the weightings of all your API calls (weightings)

  • Ensure you've calculated your estimates by considering the number of chains you need to call

  • To avoid rate limits, build a service for error handling and retrying failed requests

  • Spread out your calls to avoid rate limiting

  • Parallel calls using different from_block and to_block ranges can help improve request speeds

  • Prepare your rate limit for production - How do I upgrade my plan? (Increase Rate Limits)

  • Email us at [email protected] if you need a custom rate limit above the Pro and Business plan

Visit our documentation website and YouTube channel for useful resources and great tutorials!

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