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Getting started with Moralis API
Getting started with Moralis API

Quick start with Moralis

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  1. Sign up for Moralis
    Create a new account at to obtain your API key and create a new project.
    (Please check this article for more details about creating a Moralis account)

  2. Create a New Project

    After logging in, create a new project. You'll need to provide a name and some basic information about your project.

  3. Set Up Your Environment and Install the Moralis SDK

    Depending on your development platform (web, mobile, etc.), set up your development environment. Moralis supports various platforms and provides SDKs for different programming languages. If you're using a specific programming language or framework, install the Moralis SDK for that platform. You can typically do this using package managers like npm for JavaScript, pip for Python.

    Quickstart with NodeJS
    Quickstart with Python

    Quickstart with React
    Quickstart with NextJS
    Quickstart with Angular

  4. Use Moralis Features

    Depending on your project's needs and use case, you can use various features, such as user authentication, fetching blockchain data and real-time on-chain data synchronization, and blockchain data. Refer to our documentation for specific use cases and code examples.

For more useful resources and great tutorials on the Moralis Web3 development platform, visit our documentation site and YouTube channel.

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