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Moralis 2.0 - Add entry for Moralis-v1 support (10-08-2022)
Moralis 2.0 - Add entry for Moralis-v1 support (10-08-2022)
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moralis-v1 support

Products affected

  • SDK

Is this a breaking change?

  • YES

Description of the change

With Moralis2.0 we will focus on backend SDKs. This means that the new version of the JS SDK will only support NodeJs (no browser or react-native). To continue supporting the current v1 version we forked the repo to moralis-v1 (see This version will receive bug fixes, small updates, and security patches.

What exactly can break?

Updating to v2 of the SDK will drop support for client-side functionalities. It will not break if you have a version specified (not using latest version).

How to ensure my app won't break?

If you are using npm (and v1.11.0), you should switch the library from moralis to moralis-v1.

If you are using a CDN import via a <script> (and v1.11.0) then you should update it from[email protected]/dist/moralis.js to[email protected]/dist/moralis.js.

Note that this only applies if you are using the latest version of the SDK or want to update to a version of 1.11 or above. Otherwise, you can leave the version as it is right now, and update it to moralis-v1 when you upgrade to the latest version.

When will this change go live and be mandatory?


Link to Moralis Forum for discussions

Code Examples

For npm users

npm remove moralis
npm install moralis-v1
// Old
import moralis from 'moralis'
// New
import moralis from 'moralis-v1'

For CDN users

<!-- Old -->
<script src="[email protected]/dist/moralis.js">
<!-- New -->
<script src="[email protected]/dist/moralis.js">

Best practices

  • Never use latest versions in production code, as this may result in breaking changes when Moralis updates to v2.

  • The best practice is to update your dependency to moralis-v1 as soon as possible. The code of v1.11.0 is exactly the same as moralis v1.11.0.

  • If you are using Moralis mainly in NodeJs, then consider updating Moralis to v2, once it is published.

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