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How to ask for help on the Discord group?
How to ask for help on the Discord group?
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Note - This article applies to Moralis Web3 (API) accounts only. For Moralis Money, please refer to this article instead - How to join our Discord group (Pro users only)

If you want to get help technical help quickly, please follow the next steps:

  1. Click Open a Ticket under the Support channel

2. Describe your issue in detail.

3. Attach screenshots of error messages.

4. If you share your code, always send it as formatted code (not screenshots) or a GitHub repository.

You can join the Moralis Discord channel via this link:

When you join, make sure you verify yourself by clicking on verify in the #verification channel. Only then will you be granted access to all our channels.

Visit our documentation website and YouTube channel for more useful resources and great tutorials!

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