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Check your API usage
Check your API usage
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Your current request usage statistics can be found on your homepage at


Account Settings (Detailed)

- Click on "View more usage data" or click on the top left corner and then on "Account".

- Click on "Usage" on the top tab.

On the usage page, you will be able to select between three filters:

1 - Toggle button - You can switch between API and Streams to view each stats respectively.

2 - Current Billing Period - To select the period you need the usage stats for.

3 - All Networks - Choosing the network you would like to filter the results for.

4 - All Statuses - Choose to filter specific responses (200 or 400)

You can also see detailed information about the top 5 endpoints used for the last 30 days.

You can also check your Streams usage on the Streams page, to help you understand how the Streams are calculated, please check our documentation here.

If after reviewing your usage statistics you feel that you need a higher rate limit than the Free, Pro or Business plan provides you with, please let us know, and we can introduce you to higher rate limits as being Enterprise API plans.

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