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Account Deletion
Account Deletion

Learn how you can delete your user account or remove a team member from an organization.

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Deleting a User Accountโ€‹

Users can not delete their accounts directly from the user interface. To delete an account, a user needs to contact [email protected]. This can be done either by:

  • The user

  • An owner of an account

Removing a User From a Teamโ€‹

As an owner or admin of a team account, you can remove users from a team if they have developer or maintainer roles. To do so, you will need to go to:

  1. Your main menu (found in the bottom-left corner)

  2. Click on "Account"

  3. Click on "Team"

  4. Select the user you wish to remove and click on "Actions" > "Remove" > "Confirm"

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