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Permission and Roles
Permission and Roles

Guide and overview of Moralis teams feature. Including information about what permissions and roles that exist.

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Guide and overview of Moralis teams feature. Including information about what permissions and roles that exist.

Roles and Permissions

Users can be invited to participate in different organizations in Moralis through the teams feature. A user can have different abilities depending on which role they have in a particular team. There are four main roles that a user can have. The roles are the following:

  • Developers are direct contributors and have access to read/write in the test/dev environment.

  • Maintainers are developers that are able to push to master and deploy to production. This role is often held by maintainers and engineering managers.

  • Admins have access to most actions except adding or removing other admins or higher roles.

  • Owners are group admins and they have access to any action and have destructive capabilities.

Overview of Each Role's Abilities (what they are allowed and not allowed to do):







Billing Section



Access to the cloud code (Moralis 1.0)

Access/View Team
Management Section

Write Access To the DB in Admin Console (Moralis 1.0)

Create a dApp (Moralis 1.0)

Invite team members

Remove team members

Delete/Remove a dApp (Moralis 1.0)

Accessing Secrets
(API Keys/Master Keys/ Env vars)

Change team name

Remove Admin

Add/invite new Team Admin

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Can I invite a team member who does not have the ability to delete a server?
Answer: Yes you can do that. What you need to do is to invite the team member either as "Developer" or as "Maintainer" as none of these roles have the ability to delete a server.

Question: Can I give specific abilities to a team member that I wish to invite to my team or do I need to give that person one of the specific pre-determined roles?
Answer: Currently, you cannot set custom roles for your team members, but we are working on making it possible and will keep you updated when we enable this.

Question: What if the permission I am interested is not listed in the document?
Answer: Currently these are the roles and permissions available in Moralis.

Question: Can I change the name of my team?
Answer: Yes you can change the name of your team in the team section under the account settings page.

Question: For how long is an invitation link to a new team member valid?
Answer: The invitation link will be valid for seven days. If your team member has not accepted your invitation within seven days, you will need to create a new invitation.

Question: How can I switch from one team to another team when I am a member of multiple teams?
Answer: You switch between teams by navigating to the main menu in the bottom-left corner, then navigate to "Switch team" and check the team you wish to go into.

Question: Can I edit the name of my organization?
Answer: Yes, you can edit the name of your organization by going to the main menu (accessible in the bottom-left corner) and then going to the "Team" tab and editing the name.

Question: Where can I see all the members that are in my organization?
Answer: You can see the members in your organization by clicking on the main menu in the bottom-left corner and then going to "Account" and "Team" tabs. You will see each member of your organization on this page.

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