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Add and manage team members
Add and manage team members
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As an Account Owner (Also known as Organization owner) you can invite other members, and developers, to your account and work collectively on a project, with the simple click of a button! Please keep on reading to find out how.

Useful links for the teams feature:
- Teams Page
- Teams Documentation

A user can have different abilities depending on which role they have in a particular team. There are four main roles that a user can have. The roles are the following:

  • Developers are direct contributors and have access to read/write in test/dev environment.

  • Maintainers are developers that are able to push to master, and deploy to production. This role is often held by maintainers and engineering managers.

  • Admins have access to most actions except adding or removing other admins or higher roles.

  • Owners are group admins and they have access to any action and have destructive capabilities.

Inviting Members

1. On your account home page (when logged in to the main account where you would like to invite members to), click on the top left avatar, then "Account" in the dropdown menu.

2. Click on the "Team" tab and "Invite Member"

3. You will get the prompt below to fill in the details of the user that you would like to invite to your account and select their role.

Please see the table here for more details about the permissions that each role provides

3. Once filled in, click "Invite Member" to send the invite.


4. Invited members will receive the email below, where they need to confirm the invite by clicking on the "Activate Account" button, which will redirect them to the main login page if they already have an existing Moralis account or to the signup page if they are new. Once logged in, they are automatically added to your team.



5. The invited member has been successfully added to your Account/Organization. The added member will get the option to select between their own account or the organization's account they were added to.


Removing Members

Please note that only Account/Organization owners and users with Admin roles can remove members.

To remove members from your Account/Organization, reach out to the Members page (by following the same steps described above).


Click on "Actions" next to the member you would like to remove


Click on "Remove Member"


Review and confirm the removal

You are welcome to visit our documentation website and YouTube channel, for more useful resources and great tutorials on the Moralis Web3 development platform.

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