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User Account Creation Methods
User Account Creation Methods
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Note - Applies to Moralis Web3 (API) only

Create a secure Moralis account using an email and password, Google authentication, or link an Ethereum address to sign in with a single sign-on. Improve your account security with two-factor-authentication and never share your private key (seed phrase) with anyone.

Email and Password​

You can set up and sign in to your Moralis account using an email and password.

Create a strong password to make sure your account is as secure as possible:

  • Use at least 12 characters

  • Mix lower and uppercase characters

  • Mix letters and numbers

  • Include at least one special character

You can further improve the security of your account with two-factor-authentication.

Google Authentication​

If you have a Google account, you can choose 'Continue with Google' on the signup form to create your Moralis account using Google Authentication.

Sign In with Ethereum (SIWE)​

You can link an Ethereum address to Moralis and use it to sign in to your account. Once connected, you can use any supported Ethereum wallet to log in to Moralis using a single sign-in.

Please note: It is currently not possible to create an account with an Ethereum address; only sign in to an existing Moralis account.

Create your Moralis account using an email or password or Google authentication as covered above.

To link or unlink an Ethereum address with your Moralis account, go to:

  • Main menu > Account > Linked Accounts > Ethereum Link / Unlink

You can link/unlink multiple Ethereum addresses to your Moralis account.

Moralis currently supports SIWE with the following wallets:

Important: Once you have linked an Ethereum address to your Moralis account, your private key (seed phrase) can be used to log in to Moralis.

Never share your private key (seed phrase) with anyone.

Anyone with your private keys can access your wallet and your Moralis account.

If you think your private key has been compromised, we recommend unlinking all Ethereum addresses from your Moralis account immediately. To do so, go to:

  • Main menu > Account > Unlink Ethereum

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