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Does Moralis offer a swap feature to build a DEX?
Does Moralis offer a swap feature to build a DEX?
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No, Moralis does not.


For a swap feature, we recommend that you check other 3rd party providers, such as 1inch API, to build your swap feature for your DEX.

However, we do offer other services that can help you to complete your DEX features:

Web3 Data API

Streams API

Notifying a user when a swap is completed is very integral in providing your user with the best user experience. Moralis provides you with Streams API to listen to real-time events on the various blockchain that we supported.

In order to listen to the swap events that occur on the blockchain. All you need is the Swap events, the contract that emits the Swap events, along with its corresponding ABI.

Authentication API

The Authentication API can be used to authenticate and verify various web3 authentication methods. The Authentication API is agnostic to the wallets you use and you should be able to use this to connect your various wallet to your dapp.

You can learn more on how to authenticate using Authentication API with various wallets, e.g. Metamask, WalletConnect, Web3Auth, and others in our official documentation.

More Resources

To learn more on how to build a DEX step-by-step, watch the following tutorial:

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