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Our documentation pages assume some JavaScript and Web3 programming knowledge.

Explaining the concepts of JavaScript and Web3 from scratch is beyond the scope of the docs. You don't need to be an expert in Web3 to use Moralis, but some basic knowledge will help you understand it better.

JavaScript Knowledge

  • You have worked with Objects, JSON.

  • You've worked with frontend JavaScript framework such as reactjs and backend js framework such as nodejs

  • Basic knowledge of how to query a database.

  • Understanding of asynchronous operations.

Promises, async and await.

โ€‹Web3 Knowledge

  • Understanding of how the blockchain works.

  • You have used MetaMask in your browser. MetaMask is not only a wallet, it allows websites to interact with your wallet, and sign to verify that you are the owner of that wallet.

  • You are familiar with smart contracts and smart contract events.

  • You have worked with different chains such as mainnet, testnet, or Ganache (Ganache is your own local development chain).


  • The demo code is hosted on GitHub. A basic understanding of git will be helpful but not necessary.

- You can find the demos here.

- The demos use NodeJS, Ganache, and Truffle.

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