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How to fix code/technical related problems?
How to fix code/technical related problems?
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If you experienced errors when using Moralis, or you simply can't get your code to work, please follow the steps below so we can help you as soon as possible.


​2. Before posting in the forum, please check these two threads designed to explain common problems and solutions:



​3. If you need to create a new topic with your specific query/problem please use this link to do so.


Make sure to always provide the following details in your post:

1. Describe your issue in detail

2. If you share your code - always send it as a formatted code (not screenshots) or GitHub repository

3. Attach any screenshots or error messages you can so we can see the issue

(Make sure to post according to the information provided in the threads above if your code is still not working.)

For more useful resources and great tutorials on the Moralis Web3 development platform, visit our documentation site and YouTube channel.

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